Haeven Care: Love and support for your little ones in Edmonton

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Dear Parents and Guardians, we know how difficult it is to get quality help with your little ones, and maybe more importantly how challenging it can be to get quality rest away on a date night, at a work function, or just to get a break while maintaining peace of mind that they are being cared for.

Haeven Care is here to fix this 🙂

Together with you, we are here and happy to provide love and support through babysitting so you can take that important time you need to recharge so you can continue with awesome parenting and family life.

Let’s talk today! – Rachael, Haeven Care.

Educational Play

We don’t just watch and play, we make sure there’s an educational component so the learning never stops

Infant Care

We provide patient and loving care with your all infant assistance needs – from diaper changes to helping them get some sleep!

Healthy and Structured Fun

Healthy habits and hygiene always!

Get some rest with support from Haeven Care!